There is always a story behind the brand. In case of Brist – it is not an exception.

In 2019 Yuriy Boyechko – the founder of Brist – decided to set up his own studio. However, this is a very tentative date, because it has happened in consequence of many events in his life.

So, everything started in 2016, just after coming back from the USA where he had spent 4 months working. Yuriy was really perplexed, because it was a time for him to choose in which direction he should move forward. He was a civil engineering student but didn’t like it at all and wanted to do something more creative. As a result, Yuriy decided to try his luck and started attending courses for designers and CG artists. Probably, it was a first step to the aim.

Yuriy’s persistence and passion have led him to his first orders soon. He continued working as a freelancer approximately for a year untill he felt the lack of growth. So, it was decided to start working as a studio member in order get new experience.

To Yuriy’s mind, these two years of working in the studio have influenced him to set up his own business. Having watched the process from the inside, Yuriy built a clear plan of action and set the priorities correctly in order to create a studio which works on results. Therefore, Brist is based on such principles as quality and flexibility concerning the external aspects and perfectionism and responsibility from the inner side of the studio.


It’s better to see it once


Yuriy Boyechko